Company Name : PEPSICO
Job Type : Full Time
City : Makkah
Date : 2022-11-28

Job Description
As part of the sales team the primary role of this position is to maximize sales volume, minimize stales, achievement of distribution targets, implementation of agreed merchandising standards, collection of accounts receivable and maintaining high levels of customer service. Operating procedures must be followed to ensure that there is continuity of standards across the KSA to support these primary job functions. In addition to these duties the salesman will also provide his supervisor with latest market information in order to develop any sales opportunities. The salesman will be required to attend training courses designed to improve levels of professionalism and customer service. The salesman is required to complete a daily debriefing with his supervisor.

Work Environment
Workplace : Undefined
Working Days : Undefined
Days Off : Undefined
Working Hours : Undefined

Job Requirements
Education : Undefined
Major : Retail Management
Experience : Undefined
Languages : Arabic English
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